Features & Comparisons
BPS Generator Set Control Panels
                                                                                                    BPS 7110            BPS 7210       BPS 7310

  • AC Amps                                                                                                              yes                            yes                        yes
  • AC Volts                                                                                                                yes                            yes                        yes
  • AC Hertz                                                                                                                yes                            yes                        yes
  • Oil Pressure                                                                                                         yes                            yes                        yes
  • Water Temperature                                                                                             yes                            yes                        yes
  • DC Volts                                                                                                                yes                            yes                        yes
  • Programmable Shutdowns for LOP, HWT, OS & OC                                   yes                            yes                        yes
  • Charge Alternator Failure Warning                                                                  yes                            yes                        yes
  • LCD Display                                                                                                         yes                            yes                        yes
  • Auto Start Controls                                                                                              yes                            yes                        yes
  • LED & LCD Alarm Indication                                                                             yes                            yes                        yes
  • Fully Configurable via PC Software                                                                  yes                            yes                        yes
  • PIN Protected Programming                                                                             yes                            yes                        yes
  • 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz Operation                                                                          yes                            yes                        yes
  • DC Voltage Range  (8 VDC to 35 VDC)                                                           yes                            yes                        yes
  • Cranking Dip Protection (able to survive 0 VDC for 50 mS)                        yes                            yes                        yes
  • Three Phase or Single Phase Capable                                                          yes                            yes                        yes
  • Front Panel Programming                                                                                 yes                          partial                   partial
  • Programmable Shutdowns for O/U Frequency                                             yes                             yes                        yes
  • Configurable Timers & Alarms                                                                         yes                             yes                        yes
  • Configurable Inputs                                                                                              5                                  9                            8
  • Configurable Outputs                                                                                           3                                  6                            6
  • kW Display                                                                                                                                               yes                        yes
  • kWH Display                                                                                                                                            yes                        yes
  • Engine Exercise Mode                                                                                                                           yes                        yes
  • Fuel Level Input Sendor/Sensor                                                                                                          yes                        yes
  • User Configurable Sensor Input (ie: Pump Pressure, Water Level)                                            yes                        yes
  • Programmable DC Battery Undervoltage Alarm                                                                              yes                        yes
  • Programmable DC Battery Overvoltage Alarm                                                                                 yes                        yes
  • Programmable Pre-Alarms for LOP, HWT, & OS                                                                             yes                        yes
  • Programmable Shutdowns for O/U Voltage                                                                                      yes                        yes
  • Programmable Pre-Alarms for O/U Voltage                                                                                      yes                        yes
  • Programmable Pre-Alarms for O/U Frequency                                                                                 yes                        yes
  • Programmable Shutdown for Overcurrent                                                                                         yes                        yes
  • Programmable Pre-Alarm for Overcurrent                                                                                         yes                        yes
  • Backed Up Real Time Clock                                                                                                                yes                        yes
  • Configurable Display Languages                                                                                                       yes                        yes
  • Magnetic Pickup Capability                                                                                                                   yes                        yes
  • Configurable for Engine Only Applications(ie:Pump Engines)                                                      yes                        yes
  • Power Save Mode                                                                                                                                   yes                        yes
  • Compatible with Electronic Engines (CANBUS or J1939)                                                              yes                        yes
  • True RMS Metering (1% Accuracy)                                                                                                       yes                        yes
  • Negative Phase Sequence Alarm/Trip/Shutdown                                                                            yes                        yes
  • Programmable Maintenance Alarms                                                                                                  yes                        yes
  • Ground Fault Trip Alarm/Trip/ Shutdown                                                                                                                           yes
  • USB Connectivity                                                                                                                                                                    yes
  • Modbus RTU                                                                                                                                                                           yes
  • SMS Messaging                                                                                                                                                                     yes
  • User Selectable RS232 & RS485 Communications                                                                                                      yes
  • DSENet Compatible                                                                                                                                                              yes


The Deep Sea Controller gives fully automatic Gen-set Control. Indicates operational status and fault conditions; automatically shuts down the engine and indicates the engine failure with an LCD display and specific flashing LED on panel front. Customer can alter selected timers and alarms from the front of the panel. System configurations are simple.  BPS panels use Deep Sea Electronics Controllers, providing you with all the advanced functions.

Universal Genset Application:

(Also universally suitable for Engine Control or on Pump Control applications)

High Quality Control Panel for a simple replacement for any OEM’s control panel.

Quickly and easily adjusts for any CT input  – keep one in stock for quick response to service calls.

Easy Installation/Retrofit                            

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