International supplier of power quality products designed to improve the reliability of power electronic systems and adjustable frequency drives.

Matrix™ Harmonic Filters

MTE Matrix Filters solve the problem of harmonic distortion on virtually any kind of six pulse rectifier. These power supplies are commonly found in three phase electronic equipment such as adjustable speed motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other equipment.

Designed By Nic Harwood
3-Phase Line/Load Reactors

Guard-AC line/load reactors help keep your equipment running longer by absorbing many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down your inverters, variable speed controllers, or other sensitive equipment. They are the modern technology solution to inverter and drive application problems.

   3rd Harmonic Filters

The 3rd Harmonic Filter reduces each of the individual harmonics from 3rd through 9th. Typical reduction of the 3rd harmonic is often as much as 80%-90%. Triplen harmonics, which add together in the neutral conductor, are minimized with this filter.

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